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Russian River Fishing 

The Russian River is a promising fishery that offers steelhead and smallmouth bass fishing without having to leave the Bay Area. Decent rain the last couple of years has produced some  great conditions for a productive return of the sea-run trout.

We have a very unique venue for a fishing getaway that won’t break the bank or require a lot of drive time.  

There are several miles of river  with decent holding areas for trout and salmon.  This river is excellent for fly casting as there are many sandbars without obstruction to your back casting. We encourage bank fishing and patiently fishing each hole while you walk along the river.

If you have flotation/pontoon type device or some other vessel, we can drop you off upriver or pick you up if you prefer to head down to the next bridge.

The river itself is very isolated from civilization in this 16 mile stretch, despite its proximity to the Bay Area. You feel as if you are in a wilderness setting, with the huge vineyards providing a buffer to any development, roads or highways. It is not a river with lots of fast water, and early in the year you may have to drag your pontoon boat or whatever over a few shallow spots.

The fish average 6 to 8 pounds, and, like all steel head, fight like demons, and are either wild or hatchery born.  Roe, lures, and flies all work well.  The regulations prevent the use of bait until later in the season, so make sure you check rules before you soak some roe.

We charge $100 for fishing, and $25 for each additional guest per day.  Geyserville and River Rock Casino are minutes away and the town has several outstanding restaurants, a really unique bar and a coffee shop for breakfast.

We  have drift boat for use, but river flow has to be right, otherwise we use kayaks, ATV, or our amphibious Argo.  I am a licensed and bonded fishing guide. I will advise you free of charge on where to fish, but there will be extra fees for guiding on the drift boat or ATV’s.


Hunting Club Network

Our property is part of our Ranch Hunt and Fish Network of over 80 ranch or farm properties in California and Oregon. We will show you how to apply and with annual dues, you never will have to pay to stay here.


What’s our Booking policy?

Call us to book your trip, please call us at 707 688 3312 


Russian River Fishing 707 688 3312


Any more questions?

Our friendly and knowledgeable host and guides can be reached at 707 688 3312

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